For ultimate piece of mind, all Ultimate Toy Haulers come with a 24 month manufacturer warranty. The warranty period commences from the date of purchase.

Warranty Overview

Warranty is only covered for the original purchaser of the Toy Hauler and begins from the date of purchase

If at any time during the period of cover your Toy Hauler has a proven defect in either workmanship or materials, at its sole discretion, Ultimate Toy Haulers will repair or replace the defective part of the Toy Hauler. Ultimate Toy Haulers is under no obligation for warranty purposes to install the exact same components and may instead supply or install similar components of the similar quality.

In the event that the Toy Hauler is taken to the manufacturer or repairer, it is the owners responsibility to cover all travel costs to and from the manufacturer or repair centre. This warranty does not cover reimbursement of accommodation costs, travel costs, towing costs, fuel, food, beverage, income loss, insurance or registration or any other cost incurred during travel to the manufacturer or repairer.


  • Covers workmanship and materials against defects
  • Chassis- Refer to chassis manufacturers warranty
  • Suspension- Refer to suspension manufacturers warranty


Information Overview

General Maintenance items:

General maintenance items are solely the owners responsibility to maintain to ensure correct and proper usage. General maintenance items will not be covered under this warranty.

General maintenance items include but are not limited to the following items: